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His sources are the two highest in the Universe…

His messages resonate a truth so deep, so profound and so important at this time that they speak directly to the heart and soul of humanity.  His name is Allfaaraa, and he has a lot to say.  He has, after all, experienced and exists in the highest realms of consciousness and reality.  Some ask, is it even possible to explain the nature of reality?

Allfaaraa brings together Science, Religion, Mysticism, the Occult, Paranormal, Enlightenment, Near Death Experience, Astral Projection, Past-Life Regression and Walk-Ins. He then explains how it is all related in a manner that, as Shawn Clark explains, “He delivers truth at the highest level but it is not always in a form that is familiar to humanity.  Why?  Because he delivers both sides of the story.  To the Christians, he sounds like a New Ager.  To the New Agers, he sounds like a Christian.  To the Buddhists and Taoists and other non-dual teachings, he sounds like a dualist!  It is in uniting the light and the dark that we become one.  In order to explain reality you must explain all of it!”

This is where Shawn Clark comes in. Shawn’s first role is to write down what Allfaaraa teaches.  Secondly, to explain it from his own perspective – to act as an intermediary whom assists in bringing this understanding to mortal man.   While the verbiage that Allfaaraa (also known as Alf) uses may at times cause some people to experience various levels of “discomfort” due to the various dogmas connected to  words in the English language, the messages are ultimately the same… yet much deeper, and wider in scope.  This is the whole story, and it may bring everything you ever questioned to clarity!  “While only you can determine your own truth on your own journey at your own pace” Shawn reminds us, “Allfaaraa presents the truth of God and the truth of Lucifer like no one else on the planet.”  Shawn literally spent years “testing” Alf’s information, even feeling guilty at times when he felt he had backed Alf into a corner or a contradiction… yet time and again Alf “connected the dots” that enabled Shawn to see the bigger picture unlike ever before.  This is a show you do not want to miss.

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See Allfaaraa/Shawn’s website here.

The Keys to Ascension: Karma, Freewill and Reincarnation by Shawn Clark and Allfaaraa

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Art work Courtesy of Kandorian

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