Thank you to everyone who listened to our show on Sunday November 23rd, our United Kingdom listeners have requested a time slot for them that isn’t so late. So with them in mind and anyone who missed the show WE WILL RE-AIR this show on Wednesday November 26th at 6pm UK time, which is 1pm Eastern Standard time, 12 pm Central time, 11 am Mountain Standard and 10 am Pacific Time. 15 minutes to show time you can click on your media player above, then on the bottom left side of your screen select keep, then select open. When we are live the player will open and you will hear us.

AMAZING NEWS EVERYONE !!!!  INNER CIRCLE with Host Wendy Adams is back on air!!! Please share this with as many people you can, especially if you know someone who has lost a loved one.  Please arrive 15 minutes before showtime to guarantee you will get into the server to listen live. This week’s show promises to be one of the best shows ever! With the most listeners than we have EVER had on a Lightwaves Radio show …Wendy will be joined by Alec Laidler, The author of  “Granddad You Have A Message”. Alec is like Wendy a medium. We will also have Bob Williams on air as well. This promises to be a very heart felt show with a lot of information, you have to hear this show!!!



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