Last year right before Christmas we had Bob Williams on Lightwaves Radio Inner Circle Show as a guest. It was a show on grief, dealing with the loss of a loved one. Bob  along with myself and Alec Laidler shared our thoughts and experiences. During a recent conversation with Bob he explained how this photograph has been instrumental to him. After the loss of his beautiful wife Maggie his grief of what he perceived at the time as a loss of her was monumental and one day while looking at the photograph below something changed in his perception. Bob realized it was all in how he had been looking at it. Instead of focusing on the loss, he now knew love is truly infinite and just because he couldn’t see her here in the physical did not mean Maggie wasn’t still here with him.   Bob decided to look at it like this, although his wife Maggie had passed on and left the physical he knew her energy was not gone, the love they share is not gone, and she was still here just out of sight to him but here just the same. So if you look at the photograph below Maggie is just around the corner behind the bridge on the lane ahead of him but still here.




Photograph Courtesy of Bob & Maggie Williams taken on Holiday in Spain.