This week Wendy Adams and Tricia Ruiter Welcome Guest Jennifer Hanson, from Connecticut USA. Jennifer a mother of 2 she has one child who is in Spirit Form and she has a husband who is in Spirit form too. She has been doing EVP work since early September and has experienced great success with this. Her goal is to let others who have loved ones in Spirit that Heaven is real… that our loved ones continue to communicate with us and do live on even though they are no longer physically beside us. She shares EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) evidence of communications with both her daughter and husband. And of course many  messages are shared with Jennifer from both her daughter and her husband from Wendy Adams, and Tricia Ruiter. Below are some photographs of Jennifer’s daughter and husband that are in spirit form. Please join us on Wednesday October 28th at 11am MST, 2pm EST, and 6pm GMT. Please join us in this incredible journey.

sammy  David and Sammy

Sammy with her dad David