” A Force of Metal” another Metal Music Review by Wendy Adams
Four Kick ass bands performed last night at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland Maine. Hessian, Sunlord, Shadowside and Anvil. 
Hessian started things off right and definitely with a bang! It continued on through Sunlord’s stellar and tight head banging performance, which led into the Beautiful yet Powerful vocals of Shadowside’s Dani Nolden.  Shadowside also featured the talent of former Hammerfall bassist Magnus Rosén who did not disappoint. All of this lead into the band Anvil, They started off with “666” a few other songs they played were “Ooh Baby”  and “Winged Assassins” .”Steve “Lips” Kudlow shared his amazing vocals and guitar talent along with some memories of him and Motorhead’s Lemmy during their touring days together. They sang  “This is Thirteen” in honor of Lemmy and other’s they’ve lost, he even joked it could conjure them. They played their crowd pleasing hit “Metal on Metal”.  They played some songs off their new Album Pounding the Pavement, including “Bitch in a Box” and he shared the story behind the song and the album.  Their bass player Chris Robertson aka “The Flying Squirrel” was infectious to the crowd as he jumped all over the stage and played phenomenally. What really wowed the crowd into head banging submission was Rob Reiner’s drum solo which is still playing on in every fan’s memory of the night. As they ended the show the crowd went wild and was chanting one more song, to our surprise they came back honoring that request and sang one more song which was  “Born to be Wild” Anvil is proof positive experience and doing it their way prevails. The only sellout with them is their ticket sales. FOH phenomenon Brooke Binion is credited for her sound skills/mastery in last night’s show. All in all this was the metal show you shouldn’t have missed out on!