Wendy Adams Welcomes William Melchizedek. William received a vision at a very early age of three years old. This vision was a fortress where people came together during a chaotic period. After this period ended, the people in the fortress that survived, worked together to restore mother earth to her paradise state. William is a Quantum Energy Healer, Light Language Activator, and Christ Michael Melchizedek initiator/activator for souls to receive more love light from source for their ascension process. He is also a Divine Yoga Instructor and has studied several martial arts throughout his lifetime. Through his healings, he restores the connection to Source through the heart of creation in faith. https://www.williammelchizedek.com/ https://www.patreon.com/WilliamMelchizedek https://youtube.com/c/IAmWillIAmMelchizedek