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Born in the U.S., Diane has traveled full time for the past 12 years. For the past 7 years, Mazatlan, Mexico has been her home nest when not on a journey. She is an International Teacher, Traveler, Artist, Healer and Life Coach…  
Intuitive, Channel, Medium, Quantum Jumper, Tarot/Oracle Reader, Dream Reader, Psychic, Empath, Natural Medicines, Spiritual Studies, Education, Writer, Storyteller. She recently  received her Certification to practice Soul Healing Therapy with her clients.  
Diane uses her Insight and Wisdom in an unique way to inspire, heal and expand the mind, body and soul of those who cross her path… Currently accepting clients. Organic Chit-Chat FB page

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Join Wendy and Seth today at 11am MST as they return to the airwaves, for a candid discussion about everything. Vaccinations, Global Economics, AI, and much more brace yourself.

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Lightwaves Radio and Host Wendy Adams
Welcome back Alec Laidler to “The Wendy Adams Show.”
Alec Laidler is a spiritual medium, and author. He has been sharing messages from beyond, since his beloved wife Pat passed away in 2011.
He has written several books on spiritually not to teach spirituality but to help others understand it better. His books are availible on

Join host Wendy Adams & Guest Julie Latoza ON AIR TODAY at 11am MST, 1pm EST & 6pm GMT

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Join hosts Wendy Adams & Seth Raven ON AIR December 10th at 11am MST, 1pm EST & 6pm GMT

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T-RADIO LONDON Welcomes Back to London LIVE: Host Wendy Adams for “The Wendy Adams Show” join us on October 27th at 7pm GMT, 11am MST, 2pm EST

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Lightwaves Radio 8th Annual Energetic Event “Healing Earth Mother”

Wendy Adams will be Welcoming some of the most ancient energetic beings to join her in Scottsdale Arizona, for some healing energy work to assist our Earth Mother.